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BLNDC's incorporation in 1974, in conjunction with its sister organization - Burns Lake Community Development Association (BLCDA) coincided with the start up of Babine Forest Products Company (BFP), of which BLNDC is a 10% shareholder.

We recognize six gentlemen, representing the Aboriginal communities in the Burns Lake area, as BLNDC's founding fathers. The founders of the organization, and members of the first Board of Directors, were George Brown (BCANSI Local 123), Ted Lowley (Lake Babine Band), Peter John (Burns Lake Band), Abel Peters (Cheslatta Band), and Durban Skin (Omineca Band). Vincent Morice (BCANSI Local 123) was an initial director of BLCDA and a 10-year BLNDC director beginning in 1975

BLNDC Founding Fathers

Ted Lowley

Ted Lowley

1944 - 2000

Abel Peters

Abel Peters

George Brown

George Brown

1942- 1979

Durban Skin

Durban Skin

Vincent Morice

Vincent Morice

1915 - 2000

Peter John

Peter John


BLNDC's mandate is to enhance the economic well being of the Aboriginal people of the Lakes District. BLCDA's mandate included a focus on the social development of Aboriginal people.

Over the decades BLNDC has ventured into many businesses - small business lending, logging, construction, fish farming, machine shop, silviculture, and remanufacturing. Small business lending and logging (wholly-owned Burns Lake Native Logging Ltd.) are BLNDC's only businesses to endure since the 1974 start.

Many men and women representing BLNDC's member communities have directed the organization at the Board level over the decades. Many staff from near and far, have worked to fulfill the company's aspirations. Many community members have trained at BLNDC and moved on to bigger and better things either within their own community or beyond.



BLNDC focuses on providing a broad spectrum of economic development services to the Aboriginal community in the Burns Lake district. Economic development services include small business development, employment search, and training.

Small business development includes the provision of small business loans, business funding application assistance, business plan writing assistance, post-loan counseling, entrepreneur development and assistance with community economic development planning.

Employment search services - job search techniques, resume writing, interview preparation, job postings, education and training referrals - are provided by our Native Liaison Officer, which is funded by the Prince George Nechako Aboriginal Employment Training Association (PGNAETA).

Training courses are facilitated by either in-house employees or outside facilitators. Topics range from First Aid and WHMIS, to general entrepreneurial development. BLNDC also provides accounting and administrative services to its wholly owned subsidiary, Burns Lake Native Logging Ltd.

Additional services include renting meeting rooms and office space and consignment sales of Native crafts created by local artisans.




_BLNDC Brown Logo

The Logo design represents the original five Aboriginal communities in 1974 within the Lakes District: Burns Lake Band, Cheslatta Band, Lake Babine Band, Omineca Band, and BCANSI Local 123 (representing the non-status Indian) - harmoniously working together with the native and non-native communities.

Long Term Directors

Les Casimir (Director Sept 1985 to Sept 2005)

Les Casimir

BCANSI (BC Association of Non-Status Indians)

Les was a very dedicated person, to his family and to his community. Les had represented the off-reserve communities around the Burns Lake area.

He was involved with BLNDC since 1985, and wanted to see more changes for off-reserve people. Les focused on more educational training for our youth and the need to use these tools for the future. We will miss you.

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